There are a lot of co-ops to choose from. What’s unique—and uniquely productive for me—in The Catholic Co-Op?

The Catholic Co-Op offers its members several unique benefits:

  • Each prospect name constitutes a warm Catholic lead because it must match the co-op’s database at multiple points based on an individual’s profile, response, consumer, or demographic data.
  • Donor, buyer, and subscriber information is more secure than in other databases because it is only being shared among other Catholic organizations.
  • The Catholic Co-Op leverages extensive knowledge of the Catholic sector to segment and model prospects at a very granular level, providing insights that are unique to Catholic organizations and their donors, buyers, and subscribers.
  • Because of The Catholic Co-Op’s knowledge of the sector and insight into Catholic marketing, we provide modeling that isn’t being done by other co-ops. One example is modeling based on response to specific types of appeals that are utilized almost exclusively within the Catholic marketplace—devotionals, novenas, seminarian appeals, etc.


My organization has a small budget. Is it really worth the cost?

Leveraging the shared names and modeling capabilities of a cooperative database is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your acquisition results and optimize results from your house file. Purchasing individual models and lists is often more expensive and can be less productive.


Aren’t my donors at risk of being over-mailed if I share their data with other organizations?

In actuality, the unique modeling done within cooperative databases tends to qualify prospects with less overlap than traditional vertical list exchange or rental options. Also, any names that are really and truly “unique”—that is, they do not exist somewhere else in the database—are not added to the co-op.